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The Asia Fusion menu is worth the difference in taste. Furthermore, brings close to the cultures from Asian Sub-continent. That is, India & Pakistan the two neighbours. Also, includes Chinese cuisines & Thai. Also, Malaysian & many other cuisines from Far East & other countries from the Asian blocks. A comprehensive set of dishes is the Asia Fusion menu. These dishes includes Biryani from the Sub-continental foods. Starters that includes a variety of good soups that includes Thai, Chinese & other foods. A wide variety in the appetisers. Dishes from Beef & Chicken that are huge in terms of the variety. Particularly, as main course or main dishes.


Biryani, is a famous dish from the Asian block. Precisely, from the Asian Sub-continent. It’s a dish that originates from India originally. Thus, to be frank from United India, i.e. Pre-Independence. Biryani, served by Asia Fusion. According, to the unique taste of the restaurant includes four types of Biryani. Ironically, with different masalas & content which is mostly the difference found in form of meat.

Menu of Asia Fusion excels in serving four types of Biryani. These includes Chicken Biryani, Lamb Biryani & Veg Biryani. Finally, the Chef Special. The Chef special includes Chicken, Lamb & Shrimp. The Chef Special is Special Biryani. Hence, which is unique in taste with Asia Fusion. A taste that stands apart from the regular. As it reaches a threshold of standards after many good reviews. In addition to this, the customer comments that are worth the difference.


A wide variety of noodles are served hot. Furthermore, freshly made by Asia Fusion as part of the excellence in dishes. Obviously, that are served in the Asia Fusion menu. These variety of noodles includes Hakka Noodles & Manchurian Style Noodle. Also, Szechwan Style & Singapore Style. Also, Pad Thai Noodle & Desi Chow Mein. Finally, Asia Fusion Special House Noodle.

Noodles are served & cooked with a variety that relates to personalised tastes. Furthermore, preferences that are cultural. The famous ones being the Chinese Noodles known as Chow Mein. However, with Asia Fusion it is known as Desi Chow Mein. Manchurian Style noodle & the Asia Fusion Special House Noodles. These are the hottest ones in the restaurant’s menu. A menu where noodles not only holds a huge space. However, they are served with a class that’s unique. Furthermore, according to the international standards.

The other famous ones are Singapore Style noodles which are a bit different from the traditional ones. Thus, in the way they are cooked & served.


The curries that adds spices to life are the ones that make Asia Fusion stand out from the rest of the restaurants in Welland. These includes Chicken curry & Mixed Veg/Tofu/Soya Chap. Also, includes Paneer Curry, Lamb Curry & Prawn Curry. The other popular ones includes Butter Chicken sauce & Tikka Masala Sauce. Furthermore, Korma Masala Sauce, Curry Sauce, Vindaloo. Finally, the Himalayan Gravy.

Asia Fusion different cuisines cooked differently. Apart from the Chef special are all a source of great taste. These are dishes in the menu that will make you order Asia Fusion online. Alternatively, pop-in the restaurant for a gorgeous weekend dinner.

If you love Asia, miles away from your country in Canada. Ironically, you shouldn’t miss Asia Fusion as your favourite restaurants in Welland city. Known for its great taste & serving food with the health & safety.

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