If you love Celebrating Asia in Canada being a Non-Asian or being an Asian irrespective. You can’t miss the trendy food factory. Obviously, that sounds big for a change. It’s Asia Fusion. Amazingly, the ultimate destination for the Food Lovers. Especially, the Asian Food lovers. In Welland, Canada, we are into celebrating Asia & Asian food with a touch of mildness. Ironically, for the Canadians. Alternatively, simply for the Asian food lovers let’s call it a nicely trained ‘Fusion’.

We Serve Chinese, Indian, Pakistani, Nepali Food & Other Countries:

We serve food from many countries that includes Chinese, Indian, and Pakistani & Nepali. Obviously, Canada is a country of immigrants. These are passionate food lovers, who love food. In addition to this, the fusion of ‘East Meets West’ makes it more Geographical & friendlier. Specifically, in terms of the location preferences. Not only that. Hence, it’s being pocket friendly in a place like Canada.

Thus, where food is found to be on the expensive end most of the times. Otherwise, if you are looking for Welland Takeout food delivery, Asia Fusion is found to be the most sensitive. Furthermore, the most friendly in terms of the taste. All in all, it is truly a taste apart from the rest of the Fusions that take place. Obviously, ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day’. Similarly, we have striven & thrived hard to reach to a place. Conclusively, where quality food & on-time delivery is our most wanted option.

The Asia Fusion delivery standards are increasing everyday. Further, a huge credit goes to our delivery team that has been par to the activities. These are activities, that relates to delivery apart from the timely deliverables.       

To be a part of our family. Alternatively, if you love to have an experiment just check out the Online Menu of Asia Fusion Welland. Looking for Chinese food nearby. Thus, if you live in Welland, just google Chinese Food restaurants in Welland. Otherwise, the Chinese food delivery online. You shall definitely find us in the top 10 list as we are highly visible with a consistent approach online.    

Celebrating Asia i.e. Pakistani & Indian Food – ‘The Sub-Continental Challenge

We take the Sub-continental challenge more seriously than any other restaurant in the business. Celebrating Pakistani, Indian & Nepali food is a unique challenge. Furthermore, a blend i.e. taken by Asia Fusion. Apart from this, something that have taken with lots more serious efforts. Looking for Indian Food Delivery online or Nepali Food Delivery Online. It’s Asia Fusion the ultimate difference in Fusion of East & West.

We serve Chicken Handi, Chicken Tandoori, Chicken Biryani. This is apart from, many other Indian & Pakistani cuisines with a fusion. For the Canadians it’s the hotness that is more on the milder side. Thus, rather being hot for the Whites. Obviously as Asian tastes. Especially, the Sub-continental taste are more towards being hot & Chilli.

Our menu is a diverse menu with many items that are made for the Fusion. That is, the Canadian-Indian fusion. It is not only a fusion of tastes. Ultimately, it’s a fusion & a splendid blend of cultures.


Food is indeed a celebration. Furthermore, as they say, variety is the spice of life. Try Asia Fusion today. Hence, if you think that Asia Fusion brings the variety to your doors that you have been looking for. Either it’s Hakka Chinese near me or Kimono Chinese Food Welland that you are looking for on the internet. You will definitely find Asia Fusion right there. Fresh food made ready to eat with highly trained cooks. Thus, as a passionate part of the Asia Fusion family. Without any doubt, Asia Fusion is the best fusion restaurants in Welland. Apart from this, we are growing with a mission to serve with fusion.

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