Looking for the Indian breakfast restaurant near me. You would surely find Asia Fusion as one of the most prominent names. Precisely, in list of restaurants that will provide you with a brunch. Enjoy the Indian curry with a Puri & Halwa. That is, for an exclusive brunch experience that will give your Sunday a spicy touch of elegance.

In the best bite Indian cuisine menu. Our brunch options are so rich in variety. Ironically, that they are deeply filled with moments that will become your moments of relaxation.


The many Indian restaurant in Welland doesn’t exactly have the variety. A variance that is so rich in tastes & class that Asia Fusion provides you every day. You just can’t miss your Sunny Sunday moments of relaxation with a friend. Otherwise, a neighbour, or someone who wants to see the city Welland with you later. Our diverse menu which makes our restaurant a classic Indian Veg restaurant. Obviously, provides Aloo Curry veg. Also, Halwa Puri, channa curry as part of the mouth-watering Sunday brunch. Many other items in the rich & classic menu includes egg made in multiple forms that includes egg fry, egg in curry, egg boiled and others. A key reason why Asia Fusion is a curry restaurant & our curry pot is one exclusive. Furthermore, a demanding option that you would love to have.

The many Indian takeaway & Indian restaurant near, doesn’t exactly gives you the Sunday experience. Obviously, that Asia Fusion is so excited to provide you every Sunday.


It’s not exactly an Indian breakfast that we are dealing with. It’s the experience of a Sunday brunch which is most favourable experience that can even be called a unique one. The time of the brunch starts 11:00 a’ clock in the morning. Furthermore, ends until 3:00 in the afternoon.

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In Indian cuisine menu, the experience is unique. Thus, while being the best bite experience as a Sunday brunch makes a restaurant stands uniquely identified. Our exclusiveness in having brunches is in current times as a highly thrilling experience.

For most people who love to have fun on Sundays. Also, most people enjoy the Sunday brunch experience together with their birthday parties & get-to gathers.


It’s your birthday party & what more it can even be a Sundae delight for you. An experience that you & your family will surely enjoy for a long time. Our Sunday Brunch breakfast shows the true fusion of Indian breakfast. Exclusively, merged with the Indian Lunch. Especially, with regards to the timings of the brunch. The taste of fresh hot Indian Puri with Indian Curry. Also, the Curry Pot makes it an experience which is thrilling for the people. These are ones who love Indian food far away from India in Welland. Asia Fusion is not purely an Indian Veg restaurant. However, we excel in Indian Veg dishes. Hence, while giving diversity in tastes.

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