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It’s nothing more Indian than Asia Fusion in the diversified menu of Asia Fusion. A key fusion in the Asian Fusion in Welland, Canada. Well, while we talk about Tandoor or Tandoori, we obviously can’t ignore tandoori kabab & tandoori naan. This is in the tandoor & grill menu & tandoori kitchen Welland.

CHICKEN FRIED RICE- ‘A Chinese Fusion’: 

Looking for Chicken fried rice near me, obviously, it’s the diversity in Asia Fusion menu that diverts dynamically & deliciously towards the Chinese Fusion. Yes, we are taking about the Chinese Fusion. A unique combination, which is the Chinese dishes in the menu of Asia Fusion.

Chicken Fried rice, with ingredients that makes Chinese fried rice a unique & a symbolic dish. A fusion in terms of the variance towards Chinese Fusion with fresh Chicken that taste apart. Obviously, in the most gorgeous Asia Fusion menu.

How the divergence from Indian to Chinese seems to be is amazing. Thus, as from Indian Tandoori Chicken to Chicken fried rice there are some key similarities? The taste, the style of cooking & the highly gorgeous essence of the Indian food. Deliciously cooked food served with elegance & style. Chinese Fusion is similarly to the Indian Fusion is a cultural one in Asian Fusion.

FRIED MOMOS – ‘Achieving New Brilliance in Indian Taste’: 

Looking for fried momos near me or just fried memos its achieving new brilliance in taste which is key. Asia Fusion in Welland is the best place to experience the rich & unique taste of momos. Indian Veg momos near me, would surely restrict your wandering for momos. Precisely, from one place to place. You would find the best being a vegetarian or even if you are not one. However, still looking for a change in taste. Furthermore, the change for the sake of change as ‘variety is the real spice of life’. Whether, its Indian or Chinese cuisines in Asian Fusion.


Street momos, as they are more famous in Asia on the streets served fresh & with the desired taste of memos. You might not lack the cultural switch or shift. However, you would surely love the taste with Asia Fusion. Significantly, in the most diverse Asia Fusion menu.

Momos are good for the health & the taste as well. Ironically, if cooked according to the rules & the regulations of health & safety. Apart from this, they are one of the best appetisers that one can have. Also, while achieving new brilliance in taste with little. That is, minor or major variances.

Palak Paneer & Malai Paneer:

Palak Paneer & Malai Paneer in the rich Indian fusion menu as the name suggests is a Paneer dish. Precisely, a paneer curry prepared in a fresh milk cream. Hence, based rich and spicy gravy where almonds and cashew nut paste brings in rich texture. Hence, while the dried fenugreek leaves brings a subtle but definite flavour.

malai paneer

Malai Paneer, obviously is a famous Indian dish that is celebrated all over the world. Popularly, outside India as well. Asia Fusion, a cultural fusion is indeed a vital celebration of all types of Indian tastes. These are nothing but different & unique tastes. Thus, merged together under the heading of Asia Fusion.


Asia Fusion is a celebration of Asian, most vitally the Indian taste. In addition to this, the key values merged under one restaurant, i.e. Asia Fusion.

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