Are you from Kathmandu, & looking for a good Nepali Food in Canada? What’s more amazing & exciting than Asia Fusion. A traditional restaurant that serves Nepalese Food along with the so many diverse food & cultures it celebrates in its restaurant. Nepal, a country of the tallest Mountain known as Mount Everest & is an overwhelming connection for the people from the Mountains who are genuine food lovers. Yes, we are talking about quality food right from Nepal served with a touch of elegance & Fusion of Western tastes into Asia Fusion.

Just look out for Nepalese Restaurant Near me or Nepalese Food & you should definitely find Asia Fusion in your list of Nepalese restaurants. It is moreover an International restaurant rather than being a Nepali, however, serves Nepalese Cuisine. These are cuisine that includes a variety of food items which includes the Nepalese Momo & Nepalese Vindaloo.

Upon searching Nepalese food near me, you won’t definitely miss Asia Fusion in the list which has a wide variety apart from Indian, Chinese & Thai food.

There are a wide and rich variety of Nepalese Cuisine. These are cuisines, which you shall find in the Asia Fusion menu. Hence, that you shall find if you lookout for Nepalese Cuisine near me. Particularly, while you are in Toronto. Blessed with Nepalese Food, as Toronto is a city of food varieties. Hence, due to the presence of Asia Fusion in the list of International restaurants.

Lookout for Asia Fusion online, & you can’t definitely miss the menu that includes Dal Bhat, Momos, Sel Roti, Samosa, Gorkhali Lamb, Samay Baji, Indian Snacks & Dhido. All these are traditional Nepalese Food. Thus, merged under the section of Nepalese/Indian food in the Asia Fusion online Food Menu. Dal Bhat is obviously the most famous Staple Food of Nepal.


Momos, which is one of the most favourites amongst the Asia Fusion Menu. Hence, is the next in line in terms of the popularity levels in Nepalese food. It is also highly popular Nepali Cuisine, amongst the tourists as they love eating the Momos. They are small envelopes of white flour. Envelopes that is stuffed with veggies or minced lamb or Chicken.

Dal Bhat

Dal Bhat is the famous Staple food from famous Nepali food which is part & parcel of the Nepalese traditional food menu. Rice served mainly, as it is a famous cuisine. Along with Lentil soup and Vegetable Curry or Chicken (Or meat). It is one of the most favourite Nepali meals, being their traditional dish. Along with this it’s very nutritious meal full of energy.


As an appetiser or as a starter as it is used. It’s a famous appetiser in India & Pakistan as well & is either served with potato inside or otherwise minced meat. As regards to the Potato Samosa is a mixture of mashed potatoes. Made of white flour and spices with potato stuffed in a triangular envelope.

Samay Baji:

Baji is how this Nepali Cuisine is cooked like. For example, like Vegetable Baji, as the name is commonly known in India as well. It is one of the main dishes in Nepali food items. The dish has been passed and transformed since Nepali generations to generations. A platter that contains barbecued buffalo meat, boiled egg along with beaten rice and spicy potato salad.


Nepali traditional dishes and Nepali food & Nepali Cuisine are indeed famous amongst the people in Canada, but they are mostly people from Nepal, i.e. Nepalese people & the Indian Sub-continent. However, the cuisines are getting popular amongst the Canadians. Hence, as the fusion is becoming more Western in terms of the tastes.

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