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We at Asia Fusion are bringing diversity to your dinner table. Passionately, as we believe in customer’s satisfaction at the most optimum level. Asia Fusion, a restaurant in Welland, Ontario. Obviously, aims at diversity not only for the business growth purposes. However, also because of the fact that its diversity in tastes that attracts the customer. As they say, in the food business. Also, for the food lovers ‘variety is the spice of life.’ Either, it’s Japanese food or the Chinese food. Furthermore, the Thai food, Indian Food, Nepalese Food or the Indonesian food. Obviously, the variety attracts the customers in terms of the unique taste elements. Looking for nearby restaurants or near me restaurants, or closest restaurant to me if you are placed in Welland, Ontario. Asia Fusion is the most prominent one that follows. Ironically, due to richness in taste. However, also because of some unique taste values.

The diversity in the desserts served with elegance. Furthermore, the delicious & unique taste attributes makes Asia Fusion dessert menu. Significantly, a highly symbolic one in terms of key attributes that are attributed with desserts. These are the desserts that includes Gulab Jamun, Fried Banana, and Fried Pineapple & Mango Lassi.

Mango Lassi, a drink made from mango mixed with yogurt, milk and sugar is Asia Fusion’s highly decorative drink. Especially, for the people from Asia who just love the unique taste of Lassi. A unique & taste attributed Asian fusion. Hence, amongst the many Asian restaurants makes Mango lassi, Fried Pineapple & Fried banana. Very importantly, as three most favourite amongst the customers top list of items as desserts drinks. Also, in terms of the rich diversity as well.


Gulab Jamun is one of the most favourite. Thus, amongst the sweets & desserts that are served & made as a common dessert items in Asia. A very common sweets from the Indian cultural food items. Most commonly, eaten on occasions of celebrations that includes Eid festivals, cultural festivals & other popular festivals. Also, the occasions that celebrates happiness & joys. For example birthday celebrations & wedding ceremonies.

In the Fusion poke bowl the duck (roasted). Also, known popularly as roasted duck is a key menu item in the Fusion poke bowl. It not only is an attraction for the casual Asian customers. However, also for the Canadian customers in the wide list of menu.

In the many Asian Fusion restaurant. Asia Fusion probably stands tall. Hence, while promoting taste experiences with diversity. Highly attracted by most customers are these taste preferences.

Chicken Items with a Touch of Class in Asia Fusion:

Amongst the many chicken items the Crispy Chicken Wrap. With high quality fried chicken in wrap. Thus, is a touch of class. Especially, amongst the many chicken items in Asia Fusion menu. Sesame Chicken & Crispy Chicken bowl, are yet another popular chicken items in the Asia Fusion menu. These are ones, that brings class & taste diversity to your dining table. Apart from the class. The taste demands that Asia Fusion. Thus, is popularly known for. Hence, are met simultaneously with the unique challenge.

Thai Fusion- ‘Originally Thai In Taste Values’: 

Our Thai Fusion, in the Asia Fusion menu is symbolically the order of the day. Most importantly, for the Asia Fusion fans. The Red Curry & Mango Curry are the two most famous ones. Hence, amongst the rich items found in the Asia Fusion menu. The Thai red curry Stew. That is, made in coconut milk, lemon grass & basil. Hence, is a unique taste of its own. Also, amongst the customer’s most popular items.

The popular mango curry served with either chicken or prawn. Hence, is another famous one in Thai Fusion curry in Asia Fusion menu.


Don’t miss these items if you are a fan of diverse food served with different & uniqueness in taste values. Also, the food brings cultures together purely with food as one & only passion.

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